Dozens of followers on all social media sites so you are already a celebrity? A million and one friends all over so you feel they are all real?, A million bucks in your wallet that you didn’t work for so you think you’re on top of the world?, tons of plans to do with people around you so you feel like you’re spending your time well? Partying each and every night and you feel like that’s the life? Known as the ultimate drug consumer and you feel like that’s the best title in life? Your life is like an … Continue reading Priorities????!!

Lets be honest c’mon….

I realise I have so much to tell you.. You know, two blogs down the line and you get me so far right?… . Yes you reading this blog… Now how about we focus on one part… *Overprotective voodoo* So you go for a drink and leave your Bae for a second and find him with a girl and they are laughing to some joke and apparently it’s not the fact that they are laughing that pisses you but the way she’s leaning in when laughing and touching his arm…. Like why can’t she laugh with her head one metre … Continue reading Lets be honest c’mon….

Unknown secret mistakes..😮

It’s past midnight and am still awake, which is no surprise since I don’t sleep early but tonight seems like a special night to me,my mind is stuck on images of someone special and am listening to memories the new chain smoker album and a tweet pops up as am chatting the first thing that captures my eye as soon as I open it is the selfie of a lady…. The caption is.. #the day sucks#….which gives me an idea of what I’ll write about… *The three dating mistakes* *One*<Narsisstic personality disorder> 😂Now my first one is pretty funny actually,last … Continue reading Unknown secret mistakes..😮

Relationship paranoia😰

So what does it mean to love someone… Should we be paranoid at each wrong action and feel like its the end of the love you feel?. Should you try moulding your man into a figure you found on social media?. Should you look at videos of couples saying its couple goals and repeat after them and post too and feel pleasure once you see everyone call you goals?. Should you pester your man to tell you I love you each time until the feel wears off and it becomes a routine instead of something coming from the heart? Should … Continue reading Relationship paranoia😰